Monday, April 23, 2007

About Migraines

his work.
I am the writer, director of 'THE EYES OF VAN GOGH', a full length film that was just released. There is nothing in Vincent's letters to indicate that he suffered migraines. Regarding the statement that his paintings were influenced by cataracts, insanity, etc., I invite you to check the Notes section of my website,, to get real insight into his mental condition and how it may or may not have influenced

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Al Cooper said...

Thanks for leaving the note on my blog. I've been working on a series of poems about Van Gogh for several years, but I've only published 4 in book form. The other 30 or so are waiting for revision.

I need to see your movie. Several of your comments--"Van Gogh was in fact the ultimate individualist"; "the artist must strive with every fiber of his being to finish his work"--struck a chord for me. Van Gogh was brilliant, obsessed (as all geniuses are), sensitive, caring. I love the story about him walking out into the fields at night, and placing candles in his hat so he could 'paint by night.' Thanks again so much for contacting me.

All the best,

Allan Cooper